Summer 2017 Session Recap


Our 3rd summer program was a success! The kids were able to learn new life skills and experiences. Some of the activities and field trips were:

  • Tennis lessons by professional instructors
  • Learning about nutrition
  • Importance of physical activities
  • Embracing each child's creative side with wood-working, clay making, and painting
  • Glass blowing
  • Working as individuals, small groups, and larger teams to complete projects
  • Woodworking
  • Designing and building their own maze boards
  • Patience working with younger kids
  • Creating inflatable structures
  • Visiting the Adler Planetarium
  • Team building games
  • Designing and building pinatas
  • Guided paint classes
  • Flying kites
  • Creating with paper mache
  • Make a goal/dream vision board
  • Exploring different neighborhoods of the city
  • Expression through art, dance, and music
  • Learning to leave your comfort zone
  • Problem solving activities
  • Learning to communicate in a more effective way
  • Designing and making a clay frame, pot and animal

We are SO excited for all the upcoming activities we will be able to do for the next session! Stay tuned!