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Please complete the form below and a Reach Out Community Center staff member will contact you. The program is offered for a suggested $25 donation per youth - no additional costs, which includes healthy snacks, activities and admission tickets for field trips. For further information about Reach Out Youth Programs, contact

PARENTS... please keep in mind, Monday though Thursday, sack lunches are required for all kids. Reach Out will provide lunches on Fridays ONLY, and healthy snacks and water every day.

Local youth ages 6-17 will have the opportunity to experience and learn a variety of educational and unique adventures. In coordination with The Chicago Police District 10th community room, Reach Out Community Center will be able to offer a taste of programs to come in the future once the rehab is complete. During the Fall Session kids will discover activities such as recycling, horticulture, martial arts, health and nutrition, tennis, creative writing, soccer, yoga, math, science, arts and crafts and more! There will be several field trips throughout the city of Chicago!  Reach Out Community Center is thrilled about the opportunity to start working with the local youth!   


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Please let us know if you will provide $25 per child on the first day or online. Thank you!

A $25 Suggested Donation is recommended to reserve your spot for the Summer Enrichment Program. This amount goes towards supplies, transportation, etc. You can donate here on our website, or in person on the first day of the program.