Our Board

President: Dorothy M. Flisk

Vice President: Lorraine Lynott

Secretary:  Amy Dodd Thompson

Board Member: Sean Flisk


Board Member: Laura Schaffer


Board of Directors

Dorothy M. Flisk - Founder/Board President

and Reach Out Director

Dorothy Flisk grew up on Chicago's south side where she attended Christ The King and Mother McAuley. She has been working with children since attending Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, where she worked with special needs children and directed an afterschool program. After college, Ms. Flisk moved to Urbana, Illinois, where she continued to work with special needs children while doing research on infant cognition at the University of Illinois. She then moved west to San Francisco, California, to participate in AmeriCorps VISTA (Domestic Peace Corps) working with the Office of Education to bring tutoring programs to local schools and developing grant writing skills. Dorothy became the school manager of A Better Chance School, where she worked with students from 6-22 years of age with autism and severe behavioral problems. There she assisted the school in its expansion and development while simultaneously obtaining her first master's degree in Marriage, Child, and Family Counseling at the University of San Francisco. In addition to her other duties of work and school, she also had the opportunity to counsel children and their families in three local schools in the San Francisco area. After five years "in the west" Ms. Flisk then decided it was time to come home to Chicago, where she obtained a Master of Jurisprudence in Child and Family Law from Loyola University's School of Law. At this same time, Dorothy started a business with a good friend and has become Vice President of Operations for several businesses.  Starting a community center has been a dream of Ms. Flisk's and she looks forward to the opportunity to serve the youth of the community!

Lorraine Lynott MURPHY - Vice President of the Board of Directors

Lorraine has dedicated the last ten years of her career to public service, as a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney and is honored to be a part of Reach Out. Lorraine is a proponent of education and activities for the youth in our communities as she believes they are invaluable to improving our neighborhoods. She spends her free time volunteering by tutoring young students. Giving back to the community is a huge part of her job as a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney. Lorraine has represented all different individuals in the Chicagoland area in their worst times. Her job allows her to be a voice for a victim and put the very worst type of people behind bars. Lorraine believes getting involved in a young person’s life and getting them involved in educational and extra curricular activities is essential before they become a victim or even worse, before they make bad decisions and become part of the criminal system. Lorraine works near the Reach Out Community Center at the George Leighton Criminal Courthouse at 2650 S. California Ave., in Chicago.  Before obtaining her law degree in 2003, Lorraine received her B.A. from Columbia College Chicago in 1997 and worked in Broadcast Journalism at CNN in Atlanta and various NBC affiliates across the country. Through that experience Lorraine has developed her desire to dedicate her life to public service and make a difference. 

Amy Dodd Thompson - Board Secretary

While she's not a Chicago resident, Amy Dodd Thompson said she falls more and more in love with the city after each visit, which usually includes attending Reach Out Community Center fundraisers. Amy graduated from Spring Hill College with a bachelor's degree, after double majoring in English and journalism. While at SHC, she participated in a program where she helped to tutor area at-risk middle students in math and English and later used some of her time filing paper work for Penelope House, a safe house for victims of domestic violence and their children. She had previously volunteered time at Penelope House to help take care of the children once a week during a house meeting as a member of the college's Circle K International. Amy worked for numerous years as a Challenge (ropes) Course Facilitator at Beckwith Camp and Conference Center in Fairhope, Ala., where as a youth she was a camper and then later served as a camp counselor. As a facilitator, her responsibilities included safely leading and promoting team and individual development among a variety of different age groups and backgrounds in order to achieve numerous goals. Amy, who has worked as a reporter and a page designer/copy editor, is now a full-time mother. Amy is a wonderful addition to the Reach Out family!

Sean Flisk - Board Member

Sean has been a dedicated member of Chicago society. He has been a part of law enforcement for over eleven years and is working hard to make Chicago a better and safer community. Sean’s present assignment is with the Chicago Police Department Organized Crime Division and Gang Enforcement Unit. Sean has an astounding record of accomplishments in the police force. He participates and volunteers in numerous other community and police based organizations. Sean received his bachelor’s degree from University of Miami in 1999. In 2003, he received a Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) from Loyola University in Chicago. Sean received his M.B.A. from Saint Xavier University in Chicago in 2009. Reach Out is ecstatic to have Sean on board, as he is an essential part to our team!


I was born and raised in Pilsen, a predominately low-income Hispanic Community, in Chicago. Growing up, I encountered many obstacles and challenges due to exposure from negative influences; gang violence, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy. I was victimized by such gang violence, as a teenager, I received a gun shot wound to my leg, while witnessing my girlfriend’s murder. Despite of my lived experiences, I was able to pursue higher education and obtain a Law Degree. I strongly believe that my aspiration in furthering my education was, in part, due to my participation in a community after school-based program called Project HEAL. Project HEAL was a program created to address sociocultural barriers to Health Care in Hispanic Communities that also included a Youth Leadership program, that conducted various activities that often involved creative arts, painting, dance, and theatre. The Youth program was intended to provide at risk-youth with the opportunity to develop leadership skills. I have first hand knowledge of the effectiveness of youth enrichment programs, and the impact it has in young peoples lives. Therefore, I am honored to become a part of Reach Out, to be able to volunteer, serve as a role model, and give back to the community.

laura Schaffer - Board Member


Service is the rent we pay for living. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time
— Marian Wright Edelman