Summer 2016 Session Recap


Our 2nd summer program was a success! The kids were able to learn new life skills and experiences. Some of the activities and field trips were:

  • Woodworking with reclaimed wood
  • Designing and building their own board games
  • Patience working with younger kids
  • Creating inflatable structures
  • Visiting the Field Museum
  • Team building games
  • Building Birdhouses
  • Growing their own vegetables and herbs
  • Flying kites
  • Creating the solar system with paper mache
  • Learning at the Garfield Park Conservatory
  • Make a goal/dream vision board
  • Exploring different neighborhoods of the city
  • Making their own pizzas at Sbarro's
  • Playing at Maggie Daley Park
  • Problem solving activities
  • Learning to communicate in a more effective way
  • Raise butterflies from eggs
  • Tennis lessons by professional instructors
  • Learning about nutrition
  • Importance of physical activities
  • Working as individuals, small groups, and larger teams to complete projects

We are SO excited for all the upcoming activities we will be able to do for the next session! Stay tuned!